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URA DE DUPĂ UȘĂ (UDDU) hails from Zărnești (Brașov) and is one of the first bands to appear in the hardcore/metal/punk/crossover movement in Romania. Officially founded on the 13th of february 1993, they released their first demo, De Trei Ori Ura!, in the same year. After many national prizes and festivals, the first album was released, De Ce Atâta Ură? (1995). After a long period of concerts, the next album was set to release in 1998, titled Respinși De Societate. Aired on the radio and TV, this album was never officially published, though now available on YouTube. Next came a series of member changes, and, in general, a very troublesome period in the band’s life, UDDU made it through becoming stronger as a band. In april of 2016, a new album was released, titled Cicatrice. The album is more of a declaration which doesn’t just bang on the door, it breaks it.
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